About Zambeezi

Our Mission

At Zambeezi, we’re not content to simply make the best lip balm on the planet, we’re here to make a difference. Zambia is the corner of the world where we are working and there’s a lot to be done here. Little by little we’re seeing change.

Compassionate Business

African farmers often receive only a pittance for their hard work, even if their final product fetches a high price in stores in developed countries. One of our company’s goals is to reduce this gap, so that the workers who make our ingredients and products receive a fair and living wage for their work – a wage that better reflects the actual value of their inputs and not simply the power structures of the global economy.

But for us, fair trade is about more than fair wages. We use our company’s profits to benefit African communities, by partnering with local churches to build schools, clinics, drilling wells and other projects that serve needs they identify.

Community and Environment

The vast Miongo forests of Zambia are one of the largest swaths of pristine sub-tropical forest left in Africa. Covering an area the size of Texas, these seasonal forests are an important global absorber of carbon dioxide. Inhabited by tens of thousands of Bantu subsistence farmers, these forest ecosystems provide a living in much the same way that they have for generations. Today the well-being of these people and their forests is threatened. Clear cutting for timber and strip mining for copper are tempting options. We’re helping to provide alternative sources of income that are kinder to the land and the people.

Partner with us, by using our lip balm, carrying it in your store, or connecting us with local retailers in your area. Together we’re creating a future.